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Bond Without Borders: The Trailblazing “Reboot” Of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

“The lasting impact of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is that it showed that a James Bond film could be made without Sean Connery in the lead role. The producers maintained that audiences came to the films to see James Bond, not necessarily the actor playing him.” — Bruce Scivally, The Digital Bits. Unjustly dismissed […]

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TV REVIEW: Game of Thrones – The Broken Man

Spoilers…Is it really episode seven? This season has absolutely flown by, and has to be one of the most consistently brilliant so far, with The Broken Man, which is another great episode. And it doesn’t waste any time in reintroducing a great character from previous seasons who had been theorised to return; The Hound aka Sandor Clegane, who is found being part of a religious commune building a sept. The show had taken Sandor on an interesting journey previous, having shifted not only loyalties but morality, with a somewhat different take on things after being paired with Arya.Here, Clegane’s story…

TV REVIEW: Game of Thrones – The Broken Man