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Into The Light: A Look Back at Batman Forever

  In Batman Returns Gotham had become a tiny sound stage full of extras from A Nightmare Before Christmas. It had also not performed as well as Warner Bros. had (rightly) expected it would. It was time to take Batman back into the mainstream. They wanted a third movie and most of all they wanted more light. […]

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EyesSkyward Loves: THE TRUMAN SHOW

  Welcome to a proposed new series of articles here at EyesSkyward in which I will pick movies I love and tell you why I love them. These movies won’t necessarily be perfect, and these articles won’t really be reviews . Just me sharing why a movie is special to me. We’ll kick off with […] The post EyesSkyward Loves: THE TRUMAN SHOW appeared first on EyesSkyward.

EyesSkyward Loves: THE TRUMAN SHOW