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Psycho Pension Qu’est-ce que c’est – Lethal Weapon Is A Real Live Wire

Before subsequent installments dialed up the yuks and irritating side characters, 1987’s Lethal Weapon had a satisfyingly hard edge to its big screen take on the buddy cop scenario, previously seen as a T.V trope. It had a fresh for the time “too old for this shit” family man detective partnered with a genuine loose cannon, […]

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EyesSkyward Top 11 Movies 2016 – Part Two

You can see 11-6 right here 5. CAPTAIN AMERICA – CIVIL WAR I wrote a review for it here and can only say repeat viewings only further impress me as to just how well this movie works, when really – it shouldn’t. 4. THE NICE GUYS I love Shane Black as do all right thinking people (IRON […]

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