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    Colin Polonowski

    This is going to be a community driven site – if you’re passionate enough to blog about films then we want you here helping us build a community that can help every film blogger in the UK.

    So with that in mind, why not introduce yourself and your blog here!




    I have started a wee blog over at It has been going for just about 6 months and has in this time has had over 3000 page views.

    Not bad for a blog site that gets updated weekly reviewing films that I have watched that week. I have no preferred genre, no favourite actor and can pick these from any source. TV, Cinema or DVD. It’s really that simple..I watch films and then review them.

    Please take a look and see for yourself. You can even subscribe and get notified via email when then is a new review posted.

    See you there

    Tim x


    Kev C


    I’ve had my film Blog, The Film Grump (formerly known as Kev’s Film Musings) for around 4 or so years now. I use it for reviewing films or posting pieces on film-related topics that interest me.

    The link is here:

    Hope you stop by from time to time and enjoy the posts.


    Kev C 🙂



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    Hi all, my blog which is (mostly) film based (I often go off on tangents) can be found here: Arena of The Unwell It’s been referred to as ‘Less a series of reviews, more a thinly disguised cry for help…’ which is nice.

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    Hey all!

    MY blog has been running since late 2013 and I usually post film reviews weekly here

    Enjoy! 🙂




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    Cinetropolis (, @Cinetropolis) is a film and sometimes TV blog set up by Tim Pelan (@johnneyred) and John Rain (@mrkenshabby) in February 2012. Our remit is to write about whatever grabs us – linking to interesting video essays, the occasional trailer breakdown, top ten lists, but mainly informative, fun and entertaining long-form pieces on films we love (and love to hate!). Our average monthly unique hits are around the 11,000 mark, with occasional peaks. Please dive in, and spread the word!

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